Friday, December 27, 2013

Honor Flow Productions Will DJ Your Wedding!

Photography By Genevieve Munroe co.

Since I've noticed A LOT of my friends are getting engaged, and I don't want to be "that one single dude" at your wedding, I rather be a part of making your day memorable. Holla at DJisLORD and myself to be the soundtrack to your special day. Contact us at today for booking information and rates #RespectTheDJ. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Snoopy On Ice

Album Art Design: Rowell Marcos For Magic Mustache Media

The Peanuts gang has always been one of my favorite comic strips for many a reason. And of course, A Charlie Brown Christmas is essential Christmas watching for myself and my family. It's right there with Home Alone 1 & 2, The Grinch, Jingle All The Way, and so on.

After the homie Rowell spend about two weeks physically sketching and coloring this for another related project that didn't come to pass, I knew we still had to use the design in another manner because I loved it so much. So it became official H.F.P. Christmas Sweater and the album cover for this flip I made yesterday of Vince Guaraldi Trio's "Skating" from the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack.

Enjoy, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and "On Earth, peace, and good will toward men [and women]." (c) Linus

All Instrumentation and Programming By DJ Chuck 'thE oLd SouL" For Honor Flow Productions

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two-Step Tuesdays # 3 (11.19.13) (Flicks)

Third Two-Step Tuesday in the books! Thank you so much and much love to everyone who came out to Salvage LA to have a good time and donate to Oxfam America. "You are appreciated."(c) 2Pac #RespectTheDJ

Photography By Genevieve Munroe

"thE oLd SouL" on Soul Terrace Martin Interview + 1500 or Nothin' Profile

It's a #2LA double-dosage of new-new from yours truly on Soul

My 1 on 1 with Terrace Martin as we talk about his latest LP, 3ChordFold, Love Vs. Emotions, Kendrick Lamar, Robert Glasper and the current state of Jazz, what he learned from working with Quincy Jones and Dr. Dre, and much more.

Get to know the house band for this years's Soul Train Awards.  1500 or Nothin' has had a hand in some of your favorite records of the last 7 years. Get familiar, thank me later... no Aubrey Graham.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Who Is Down For "The Two-Step?" Vol. 3

 Covered some new territory on this run. Did you catch us in your neck of the woods?

Now the question is... "Are You Down With #TST?" Show us TOMORROW NIGHT!!! We are the best spot to unwind and wild on a Tuesday night in LA... period. It's beauty for your ears, food for your soul, and exercise for your feet. And it's for an important cause this time around. Once again, all donations collected with go to Oxfam America to aid in relief from Hurricane HaiyanThis is H.F.P.'s Two-Step Tuesdays @ Salvage LA. See ya'll in less than 24 hours.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Two-Step Tuesdays # 3 @ Salvage LA! (11.19.13)

Design by Rowell Marcos For Magic Mustache Media

Back by popular demand... Two-Step Tuesdays # 3 at Salvage LA on November 19th! It's getting bigger every month, now... let's turn it up to another level. Tell your peoples about us and "bring em out!" The best spot to unwind and wild out on a Tuesday night in LA... period. Soul Claps And Salutes... See you then!

H.F.P.'s Two Step Tuesdays... "Beauty for your ears, food for your soul, and exercise for your feet."
The Social Media Hastags---->#TST #HFP #RespectTheDJ

**UPDATE 11/12/13:
Because of the devastating turn of events this past week in the Philippines due to Hurricane Haiyan, at TST # 3 next Tuesday, we will be taking a voluntary collection in an effort to aid in the relief.

Music is what we do; our tool and gift we share with the world. We always want to use this gift in an manner that further extends beyond just entertainment as it is also an outlet of social responsibility. All proceeds will go to Oxfam America.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two-Step Tuesdays # 2 (10.15.13) (Flicks)

Peace, love, and much thank yous from DJisLORD and myself for everyone that came out to Salvage LA last Tuesday for Two-Step Tuesdays # 2. We're building this thing up with each month "And it's all because of you." (c) Ne-Yo We love what we do and it's always a dope time with you all. #TST reaches trilogy status next month on November 19th. Come join us and bring a friend... or two *Rim Shot*#HFP #RespectTheDJ 
Photography by Genevieve Munroe

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"thE oLd SouL" Spinning @ Taste Of Soul 2013 For 94.7 The Wave (Highlights)

Over 350,000 people shutting down The 'Shaw for a day of good times? Such a beautiful sight to see. SO MANY PEOPLE I have known over the years came by the 94.7 The Wave booth to say was up! It was one big reunion of different eras in my life. It was dope to see all of you! It's days like these that remind me why I love to do what I do. Here are a couple flicks/videos highlights via my Instagram from the day. Although I wish (foreshadowing here) I was able to get video of the old dude riding around in his red scooter, dressed with a yellow suit like Jim Carrey in The Mask, doing donuts with a boombox on his lap with Mystikal's "Shake Ya Ass" on repeat. That was the funniest shit ever. #ThankYouCrenshaw #2LA

Shouts out Carmen and everyone at Monster Products for hooking a brotha up with the new NCredible N-Tune Headphones. Anyone that works with me will tell you I am picky as hell with headphones and these have a excellent balanced mix that bangs! I was working with those all day.

Dope surprise of the day was this man right here
coming up to the booth and telling me I was on point with the music. Word to Skee-Lo, who was out promoting his new LP Fresh Ideas. And you know I had to play this right after...

Me and the homie Headkrack of The Ricky Smiley Show from Dish Nation after playing a game of "He's the DJ, I'm The Rapper." My man killed it on the freestyle tip while I was dropping beats. That was live.

Biggie's Going Back To Cali:

V.I.C's Wobble:

Jamming to the full 14 Minute version of Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight

Thank you Britt Bickel for the photo op! Check out the rest of her dope work from that day here---->

Monday, October 14, 2013

Who Is Down For "The Two-Step?" Vol. 2

We out here. See us in your hood lately? Special Thanks to ALL of these places that showed us love on Promo Run # 2!


Now the question at hand is are YOU down for The Two-Step? Let us know by coming out tomorrow night!