Thursday, July 23, 2009

Live @ The Bar Melody (2.21.09)

Back in Februrary, Myself, Key, and "The Impeccable" Dorm 25" (Shouts out Kerwin, Justin, Ray Ray, & J.D) held it down live from The Bar Melody (a local spot popular with LMU students) with the homies The Circuit And Clique Too; presented by the good people @ KXLU 88.9 FM/KLMU Online Radio. Shouts out to my homegirl Mapi for setting up the whole affair. Make sure you peep her radio show "The Dirty Mop Show" every Wednesday afternoon (2PM-6PM) on KXLU or @ if your not in LA.

Small Disclamers... My mother was the one filming with my camera and @ times her finger is halfway over the lens. As well she was @ times doing the motherly thing, cheering on her son, lol!!! And yes, I know, the syncing with the visuals and audio don't match up a little half way through. But give me a break, I'm working with a Toshiba XP labtop I've had since my freshman year of high school, lol!!! I tired re-rendering it, but it wouldn't work. But anyways ENJOY!!!!

Part 1:

1) The "Gumbo" Intro
2) S.S.C (System Sound Check)

Part 2:

3) Hold You Down ((feat. Linze Peters)
4) Get A Minute
5) Breathe And Stop Interlude

Part 3:

6) Center Stage
7) Ladies

"Victory!!!" (c) Johnny Drama

DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL" Interview On

My first interview!!! Shouts out to the homies @ for the opportunity. Spotlight- DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Digital Undaground Vol. 4 & 5

"Everyday somebody ask me where all the real MC's is at? They underground. There's mad talented cats underground with that raws$%!!"- Talib Kweli

For those of you who don't know, I established a mixtape series nearly a year and half ago with the host of "The I Still Love H.E.R. Show" (and fellow Hip-Hop head) Wanja Lange, with the sole purpose to reestablished what "the mixtape" is really for... BREAKING NEW ARTISTS!!! (Not to mention to bring back mixing to the mixtape in that half these "mixtape tape DJs" don't even know how to mix but that's a different conversation).Showcasing the incredible and eclectic styles of artists worldwide, Digital Undaground is now celebrating the release of not one, BUT TWO tapes to bang and vibe in your eardrums for the summertime. In relation to the quote above from Kweli, I also hear this question all the time. Well, please believe the MC (and The DJ) are well alive, it's just now the movement has gone digital. And myself and Wanja are proud to present a piece of that movement right in your hands.

Featuring a line-up of artists on the come up worldwide and underground staples such as Rapper Big Pooh, Chino XL, Dutchmassive, Roc C, Supastition, Baatin, OneBeLo, Elzhi, Buff1, Skyzoo, The Away Team and many more!!!

Volume 4 (Download Link)

Volume 5 (Download Link)