Sunday, August 22, 2010

Honor Flow Productions Live @ The Whisky A Go-Go

The last stop on the V.I.S.I.O.N.ary Movements Tour for the summer landed at the historic Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset Blvd for our first co-headlining show! The energy was off the charts for this one! You were an incredible audience and it made us perform that much harder; it shows on tape. Personally, this maybe my favorite set yet and I think many (if not all) of the members of the band share that same opinion.

Thank you once again to Whisky for hosting us, all the acts we performed with that night; it was a pleasure building with you all, and once again, THANK YOU THE FANS FOR COMING!!!! We are nothing without any of ya'll. Here is video from set of V.I.S.I.O.N.S. tracks "Make A Run For It" with Tricia Isabela FINALLY coming out to do it live with us and of course "I Don't Wanna Hear It!" After the video, peep the flicks. Soul Claps and Salutes to you and get ready. We have a couple more big plans to bring to you before 20-10 closes out!

Photography courtesy of Carina Estera Photography

Set It Off Sundays Vol. 4 Flicks

For the fourth and final time this summer, DJisLORD and myself provide the soundtrack for another beautiful day by the pool @ Custom Hotel for Set It Off Sundays. We want to take this opportunity to thank Jacques Rigard, the organizer of the series for the look, Custom Hotel for hosting us all summer long, and all of you who came out to these dates! It was always a fun yet interesting time spinning there, lol!!! Keep on the look out for more spots Lord and I will be spinning at.

She came over and told us she wanted "Cougar Music." Elimn8 REAALY took one for the team on this one, lol!!!

It was one of these guys birthdays and his friend Ty, wanted to "spit a freestyle for him." It turned into into a mini cypher, lol!!!

Even The General had to rock the wheels for a second...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Set It Off Sundays Vol. 4 THIS SUNDAY!!!! + Vol. 3 Flicks

It's 1nce again that time of the month! Myself and DJisLORD will be shutting down Custom Hotel for another installment of Set It Off Sundays!!! Will the end of the summer right around the corner, this is your chances to get involved with one more pool party and take that musical journey as only The Flow on the wheels of steels (AKA The Mega Powers, Oooh Yeah!!!, lol!!!) can deliver. Peep the flyer for details. To see what you could experience this Sunday, here are some flicks from last month's event.

Little man was getting down. Came over and requested some Rock N Roll, lol!!!

The girls called themselves "The Barbies..."

This picture should be the poster for the event. "This could be you @ Set It Off Sundays" lol!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

1st Friday's @ Abbot Kinney @ Big Foot Ent (Vol. 1)

Bigfoot Entertainment, an independent film production company and its film school, the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) celebrated its Open House and Launch Party at Abbot Kinney's First Fridays event on August 6, 2010; and DJisLord and yours truly provided the soundtrack to the event. You can now catch us every 1st Friday of every month putting it down on Abbot Kinney @ the Bigfoot Ent offices. Come holla and enjoy some bomb food from the food trucks. Here are some flicks from the event. Shouts out to the homie Robert "Daligz" Daligig for the look.