Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Demonstration 2

Art Direction & Design By Derek Heath for Fine Folks Design

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"Music knows no color or race, it only knows energy.”

I have always believed from a young age that one, mentally, physically, and spiritually grows the most during the summertime. I cannot fully describe why that is; but maybe it is because my personal clock still operates in school semesters, in which a kid tries to accomplish everything he or she could before the September fall breeze rolls around. It wasn’t until I finished this tape that I realized that the records I had selected actually represent different eras of celebration in my life. From my early elementary years, to junior high, to high school, to college, to the present day; at one point all of these records to me was “The Jam” on the dance floor, at the backyard barbeques/Block Parties, and in the car stereo system.

If Volume 1 was the first crack of spring light after the coldness of the winter, then Volume 2 is the warm explosion signaling the grand entrance of what can only be described as the “Summer Madness.” Kool and The Gang gave it its soundtrack in 1974, while The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff delivered its manifesto in 1991. Summer Madness is rejuvenation. It’s the second New Year celebration. Where the impossible becomes possibly and memories are forever hardwired in our senses; in which when we reminisce of them, they make us feel as warm as the weather we create them in.

A season as vibrant and colorful as the gorgeous Mother’s Day afternoon these booklet photographs were shot (hands down the clearest, crystal blue I’ve EVER seen the waters at Venice Beach in my life) and as comedic as the “commentary” provide on this tape.

This mixtape is not only a ”demonstration” of the elimination of the boundaries, borders, and cultural segregation we place on music, but is also a “demonstration” musically of the euphoria in which I call, “The Summer Madness.”

Soul Claps & Salutes and Thank You For Listening,

DJ Chuck “thE oLd SouL”

Photography By Bernadette Serra-Rodriguez For B. Rodriguez Photography

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cadillac Dreams Music Video (Directed By Oishi Media)

In these 3 short years, we as a band has celebrated various accomplishments and broke new personal ground in our journey: the various prestigious venues and events we have had the honor and privilege performing at, the release of V.I.S.I.O.N.S. after being in development for five years, the consistent creative new methods of bringing you into our world as a band such as our “Respect The DJ” Projects (Example- The Demonstration) and finally gave you some gear (T-Shirts, etc) to rep us in the streets. This right here, what you are about to watch, is another groundbreaking moments for us.

When you hear a song, it is always automatic that you mentally gather some images of what was the inspiration behind its creation. Music and visual arts go hand and hand like “Peanut Butter and Jelly on Wheat” (Word To Q-Tip. See “The Love Movement,” Track 14 for the reference point), and it has been a long term goal for us to not only have you hear our V.I.S.I.O.N.S, but to actually see them; live and in living color like a Wayans Brother. Today, we are extremely proud and ecstatic to share with you all, our first attempt at doing so.

I would like to thank the incredible mad scientist at Oishi Media for bringing this record to life to your computer/TV screens, I want send at shout out to my best friend of 19 years, Anthony for providing the Cadillac of our dreams, and on behave of the eight of us, we want to thank YOU for your love and support. I always say this is a nine person operation, the ninth being YOU. We would have not made it this far and continue to grow and progress without your consistent word of mouth endorsements to your peoples about what we do and what we are all about.

On a personal note, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my 24th birthday weekend then to shoot this video with my best friends and band of brothers. Soul Claps & Salutes.

“And now… for our feature presentation” ENJOY!!!

- DJ Chuck “thE oLd SouL”

Behind The Scenes Mini-Doc

Monday, May 7, 2012

H.F.P. Live @ The El Rey Theatre With Stalley, Chip Tha Ripper, Thurz, Sahtyre, and Cesar Luciano!!! (5.25.12)

May is turning out to be a veerrrry busy month for us. Join us as the H.F.P. Summer Madness continues as we invade the prestigious El Rey Theatre with Stalley, Chip Tha Ripper, Thurz, Sahtyre, and Cesar Luciano on Friday, May 25th, 2012, presented by the good folks at Mafmatik Evolution and Abstract Evolution!!! Tickets are on sale now online HERE!!! Since this is The El Rey we are talking about here, expect some surprises and maybe even some new material. Come jump off your Memorial Day weekend proper with us. WE TAKE THE STAGE @ 8PM SHARP!!!! Soul Claps and Salutes and see ya'll there.  

The El Rey Theatre
5515 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 

Doors: 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cadillac Dreams Music Video Premiere Party @ The Blu Monkey!!! (5.10.12)

Flyer Designed By Fine Folks Design

You've heard our V.I.S.I.O.N.S... now, finally see them in living color like The Wayans Brothers as Honor Flow Productions proudly presents the first visual clip from our debut album, V.I.S.I.O.N.S, for the record Cadillac Dreams, directed by the good folks of Oishi Media!!! And we are calling for a "CELEBRATION" (c) Dave Chappelle for the occasion!

See the video first before anyone else at the premiere party, Thursday, May 10, 2012 at The Blu Monkey in Hollywood! DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL" and DJisLORD will be providing the soundtrack all night long with Special Guests AND we are celebrating the birthday of Bernadette of B. Rodriguez Photography!

It is going to be landmark night all around so YOU do not want to miss this!!!! Doors open 10:00pm. 21 and over with ID, and no cover. I REPEAT.... THERE IS NO COVER CHARGE FOR ENTRY!!! Bring everyone you know and come celebrate with us. Soul Claps & Salutes.

The Blu Monkey
5521 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Doors @ 10
21+ With ID
No Cover

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beastie Boys @ KXLU (1985)

Given this band's history as LMU rooted and my history with KXLU, I figured the best way to pay our respects to one of the architects of what we do, is share this post via legendary photographer Glen E. Fredman of when the Beasties invaded KXLU; during Fundrazor week no less, when you have to talk for extended periods of times, thus comedy ensues with MCA, Ad-Rock, And Mike D live on the air. At this time, they were on tour opening up for Madonna for her "Like A Virgin" tour.

And sidenote, listening to the on-air banter, the music, and even the double-take worth band names, I am proud to say KXLU hasn't changed not one bit from time this show was recorded to the time I started to worked there, 23 years later. It makes me miss being on the air, lol!

Beastie Boys Live On KXLU's The Final Countdown (Full Story, Pictures, and Audio)(Via Glen E. Fredman Blog) CLICK HERE!!!
Thank you Adam.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

H.F.P. Live @ Chegg's College Battle Of The Bands (Pac South Final) Tomorrow Night!!! (5.2.12)

THIS JUST IN!!! WE DID IT!!! We as not just the eight of us, but allllll of you that put in those plays and 5 star ratings. We have qualified for Chegg's College Battle of The Bands Pac South Final Tomorrow Night @ Bardot! A key part of judging will be AUDIENCE RESPONSE!!! So we need as many of you there as possible to help cheer us on and hold it down for us! The show starts @ 8pm sharp and space is limited! So get there early! This is show is absolutely free and is open to 18 and older. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING US GET THERE! Now... help us get to the NATIONAL FINALS TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Bardot 1737 North Vine Street Hollywood, CA 90028 Show: 8pm SHARP! Entry: FREE! 18+