Friday, May 4, 2012

Beastie Boys @ KXLU (1985)

Given this band's history as LMU rooted and my history with KXLU, I figured the best way to pay our respects to one of the architects of what we do, is share this post via legendary photographer Glen E. Fredman of when the Beasties invaded KXLU; during Fundrazor week no less, when you have to talk for extended periods of times, thus comedy ensues with MCA, Ad-Rock, And Mike D live on the air. At this time, they were on tour opening up for Madonna for her "Like A Virgin" tour.

And sidenote, listening to the on-air banter, the music, and even the double-take worth band names, I am proud to say KXLU hasn't changed not one bit from time this show was recorded to the time I started to worked there, 23 years later. It makes me miss being on the air, lol!

Beastie Boys Live On KXLU's The Final Countdown (Full Story, Pictures, and Audio)(Via Glen E. Fredman Blog) CLICK HERE!!!
Thank you Adam.

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