Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Demonstration 2

Art Direction & Design By Derek Heath for Fine Folks Design

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"Music knows no color or race, it only knows energy.”

I have always believed from a young age that one, mentally, physically, and spiritually grows the most during the summertime. I cannot fully describe why that is; but maybe it is because my personal clock still operates in school semesters, in which a kid tries to accomplish everything he or she could before the September fall breeze rolls around. It wasn’t until I finished this tape that I realized that the records I had selected actually represent different eras of celebration in my life. From my early elementary years, to junior high, to high school, to college, to the present day; at one point all of these records to me was “The Jam” on the dance floor, at the backyard barbeques/Block Parties, and in the car stereo system.

If Volume 1 was the first crack of spring light after the coldness of the winter, then Volume 2 is the warm explosion signaling the grand entrance of what can only be described as the “Summer Madness.” Kool and The Gang gave it its soundtrack in 1974, while The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff delivered its manifesto in 1991. Summer Madness is rejuvenation. It’s the second New Year celebration. Where the impossible becomes possibly and memories are forever hardwired in our senses; in which when we reminisce of them, they make us feel as warm as the weather we create them in.

A season as vibrant and colorful as the gorgeous Mother’s Day afternoon these booklet photographs were shot (hands down the clearest, crystal blue I’ve EVER seen the waters at Venice Beach in my life) and as comedic as the “commentary” provide on this tape.

This mixtape is not only a ”demonstration” of the elimination of the boundaries, borders, and cultural segregation we place on music, but is also a “demonstration” musically of the euphoria in which I call, “The Summer Madness.”

Soul Claps & Salutes and Thank You For Listening,

DJ Chuck “thE oLd SouL”

Photography By Bernadette Serra-Rodriguez For B. Rodriguez Photography

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