Sunday, August 22, 2010

Set It Off Sundays Vol. 4 Flicks

For the fourth and final time this summer, DJisLORD and myself provide the soundtrack for another beautiful day by the pool @ Custom Hotel for Set It Off Sundays. We want to take this opportunity to thank Jacques Rigard, the organizer of the series for the look, Custom Hotel for hosting us all summer long, and all of you who came out to these dates! It was always a fun yet interesting time spinning there, lol!!! Keep on the look out for more spots Lord and I will be spinning at.

She came over and told us she wanted "Cougar Music." Elimn8 REAALY took one for the team on this one, lol!!!

It was one of these guys birthdays and his friend Ty, wanted to "spit a freestyle for him." It turned into into a mini cypher, lol!!!

Even The General had to rock the wheels for a second...

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