Thursday, July 23, 2009

Live @ The Bar Melody (2.21.09)

Back in Februrary, Myself, Key, and "The Impeccable" Dorm 25" (Shouts out Kerwin, Justin, Ray Ray, & J.D) held it down live from The Bar Melody (a local spot popular with LMU students) with the homies The Circuit And Clique Too; presented by the good people @ KXLU 88.9 FM/KLMU Online Radio. Shouts out to my homegirl Mapi for setting up the whole affair. Make sure you peep her radio show "The Dirty Mop Show" every Wednesday afternoon (2PM-6PM) on KXLU or @ if your not in LA.

Small Disclamers... My mother was the one filming with my camera and @ times her finger is halfway over the lens. As well she was @ times doing the motherly thing, cheering on her son, lol!!! And yes, I know, the syncing with the visuals and audio don't match up a little half way through. But give me a break, I'm working with a Toshiba XP labtop I've had since my freshman year of high school, lol!!! I tired re-rendering it, but it wouldn't work. But anyways ENJOY!!!!

Part 1:

1) The "Gumbo" Intro
2) S.S.C (System Sound Check)

Part 2:

3) Hold You Down ((feat. Linze Peters)
4) Get A Minute
5) Breathe And Stop Interlude

Part 3:

6) Center Stage
7) Ladies

"Victory!!!" (c) Johnny Drama

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