Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honor Flow Productions Radio Live @ Rhymesayers' Fresh Air Tour (El Rey Theater) (10.20.09)

On Tuesday (October 20, 2009) I had the chance and absolute pleasure to chill backstage at Rhymesayers' Fresh Air Tour With Brother Ali, Evidence, BK-One, and Toki Wright. My interviews with "The Freshest Kids" will air on tonight's episode of Honor Flow Productions Radio (10.22.09) on KLMU Online Radio (KLMU Online Radio Link:

On that note, here is some of the highlights from night including some crazy surprises. To quote Toki, "Say it with me now.... 'I was there.'" This was mos defiantly on the most entertaining and live Hip-Hop shows I have ever been too. If The Fresh Air Tour rolls into your town... don't walk.... RUN to this show!!! Here is the link to the tour dates:

Special Thanks to Jessica @ Spectre Entertainment for hooking up this opportunity, Rhymesayers Entertainment, and the whole crew on The Fresh Air Tour for showing me love. It was dope experience. "I salute you."

Soul Claps & Salutes

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