Wednesday, March 30, 2011

L.I.V.E. By F.R.E.S.H. Tour Recap # 3- LMU (Urban Line Project) (3.12.10)

Since footage from this show does not exist, but yet we had a collection of amazing photos from it, we decided to present this log as not only an unique sideshow of what we consider our best set ever played @ LMU, but also to preview some new music for ya'll.

Since this was a event sponsored by LMU's B-Boy Status, I decided to flip a classic break with some added percussion and hand claps, (all you B-Boys/Girls, DJs, beatsmiths, and just plain music lovers will know it from the bungee) and let the band get busy on it. The result should make you do a hand stand and pose in the middle of your kitchen, lol!!!

Photography By Reece Shorima and Tatsuya "TK" Kawauchi

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