Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bombastic- Thought U Wuz Nice (feat. DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL")

About a year and half ago, my sister told me about these dudes she went to school with that had a crew that (and I quote) "Reminds me of how H.F.P. was back at Loyola," and she passed along a mixtape to me. This was my introduction to Shadows of Society (S.O.S). Cut to last summer at an open mic hosted at Stella Adler by Los Angeles renowned poet and teacher Mike "ThePoet" Sonksen; who has acted as the mentor to the crew. What I witnessed that night made me smile and reminisce, and proved my sister's initial impression of S.O.S correct: the type of beats they rhymed over (they rhymed over Little Brother that night and this track here was conducted by my favorite producer, a one Mr. James D. Yancey), the style they had, their work eithic, and above all, the love and attitude they had toward the music and culture itself. It really felt like I was looking in the mirror and seeing myself at 17 again.

From there, the crew and I kept in touch over the year making a point that very soon, we would connect to work on some records. Well, here is the first of many. And as a matter of fact, the first guest appearance by any H.F.P. member on a non H.F.P. produced record. The session for recording this song was once again a throwback... recording in the living room at your parent's crib, trying to hurry up and get a good take so they can have the living room back to watch TV, and just jokes and conversation flying left and right. It reminded me why I fell in love with making music in the first place.

Furthermore, it was a crazy for me to be seen as the elder in the room, as much of the coverstations that day revovled around my brain being picked on my experiences so far in the business. I hope I passed along enough good info because I'm still learning too, lol! As a matter of fact, we're all still learning. And that is why it is imporant for me to reach out and work with the class coming up after my era. Knowledge and growth is gained both ways. I am proud of how this record came out and how fast these youngin' are growing in their craft. Believe me like the record says, their nice, and their only going to get nicer, lol!!! So if you like what you hear, make sure the cop the whole tape below.

Bombastic of S.O.S.- Strangers Give The Best Candy (Download Link)

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