Friday, September 30, 2011

Interview & Freestyle Session On Breakbeats & Rhymes Radio @ KPFK 90.7FM (9.25.11)

This past Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (9.25.11), we were live in-studio guest on KPFK's fan favorite and critically acclaimed Hip-Hop program, Breakbeats & Rhymes Radio, hosted by Rebels To The Grain!

Along the interview and playing "In Full Effect" & "Cadillac Dreams" on the air, Elimn8, Key, and myself were joined by Thurz (formally of U-N-I and fellow LMU Lion) in a freestyle session as he was there at the show also, promoting his solo debut "LA Riot." (Make sure you cop that shit on iTunes today! According to Thurz, physical copies on CD, Vinyl, and possibly cassette, is dropping soon via Fat Beats Records).

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Hip-Hop... late night cyphers and jokes galore, lol!!! Shouts out the Rebels To The Grain (MP & Cheddy) and the whole crew over at KPFK for having us. These are the type of fun nights that reminds us why we're doing this all for the right reasons. #2LA #WestUp

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