Monday, November 14, 2011

H.F.P. @ Chegg's Textbooks & Tickets LA Concert

Two weeks ago, after Kerwin & J.D's show in San Pedro, myself, The General, H.F.P's P.A. Tyler, and B-Willie (Trumpet Bling is not pictured because he rolled up about 20 minutes after this flick was taken) headed to The Avalon in Hollywood to peep out Chegg's Texbooks & Tickets concert featuring Theophilus London, MNDR, College Battle winner, repping USC, Rozzi Crane. This picture is small glimpse of how this band is the biggest bunch of goof balls you'll ever meet.

I also ran into a gang of folks from our LMU days there too. It was good seeing you all. Also, shouts out to Evan, Julia and all the good folks at Chegg's C.B.O.B for inviting us to come down.

Here is a brief recap of the night:

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