Wednesday, August 29, 2012

S.S.C. (System Sound Check) Music Video

I have confession. You know the guy that pulls up beside you in traffic with his windows down, music damn near at full tilt, and his rearview mirrors shaking? Well that's me, lol! Music is a release for me, as well as the rest of this band. It's our "battle cry" as I say during my verse. My observation of my rearview window making this beautiful mess of a shake when the bass is up (and treble is balanced, a perfect mix) is what inspired the the initial concept of this record four years ago, and has become not only one of my favorite records to record, but more so to perform. It's raw energy, it's crowd participation, it's loud, it's in your face, it's annoying to some, it's rebellious... it's Hip-Hop... in its purest form; which is the feel the mad scientists @ OISHIMEDIA wanted to bring visually to this music video.

Special extra thanks to all the folks how came out and was part of the fun with us during the shoot. Ya'll brought the energy and kept it live on that blazing hot Saturday afternoon.

And now... it is time to "Test The System Out."

*Turn ups up the 808s... Boom, Boom, CLAP, Boom, Boom..."

- DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL"

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