Sunday, July 13, 2014

4th Of July 2014 Tour: 94.7 The Wave @ Van Ness Park & Rad Cabin Events' Amurica!

Pretty busy 4th of July for HFP. First up was 94.7 The Wave's function at Van Ness Park where I opened up the day with some jams and even spun for a couple of the performing acts; one of those pictured below is Diamondz & Pearls.

Photography By Rowell Marcos For Magic Mustache Media

Then it was off to Amurica! presented by the good folks at Rad Cabin Events. That rooftop was without question one of the best spots to view fireworks in all of Los Angeles. With all the live performances going, the whole scene reminded me of this Audioslave jam  Shouts out to Dive, Many of Odd Nature, and Nacosta for bringing the musical ruckus with me.

Photography By Pistola Photography

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