Monday, October 18, 2010

Trey Billie "4 Tha City (I'm So L.A.) Music Video

The homie Trey Billie just dropped the video for his joint "4 Tha City" yesterday. When this was filmed over the summer, Billie and J-Hyphen invited me to come down to the set to make cameo appearance; so I decided to come down and do "rapper things" as the director M.R Money called it. I can't keep a straight face and act smooth to save my life in this video, you see me laughing in the shots, lol!!! Anyways, speaking of Billie, I am proud to announce that him and his band, Da Physics Of The Ghetto are one of the four acts along with us that will be a part of F.R.E.S.H State Of Mind. What is F.R.E.S.H State Of Mind you ask? DETAILS AND THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT COMING LATER ON THIS WEEK!!!!

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