Tuesday, February 21, 2012

VOTE 4 Honor Flow Productions In The 20-12 Chegg's College Battle of The Bands!!!

It is that time of year again ya'll! If you remember last year, we came VERY CLOSE to competing in the Los Angeles division of Chegg's College Battle of The Bands. THIS YEAR... we are DETERMINED to not only win the our division, but the whole damn thing. And to do it, we need each and everyone's help.

So here is what we need you all to do...
1) Click HERE!!!!!!!!! for the direct link to our page.
2) Click the play button to right of our picture to log in a play for us. The record we have up there is Make A Run A For It with Tricia Isabela.
3) Click 4 Stars for us in rating section.
4) Wash and repeat. You can play it a much as you want. THERE IS NO PER DAY VOTING LIMIT!!!
5) Pass the link to our page for the battle among your peoples! We need all the help we can get. PLEASE help send us to the Pacific South Regional battle!!!

This is a HUGE look for us!!! This competition is sponsored by major companies such as Live Nation, Grammy U and T-Mobile. If we win it all, we will be performing on the bill for some of the stops for Chegg's Textbooks & Tickets Tour, as well as rewarded with a very dope prize package valued at over $3,000!!!

Thank you once again for all of your love and support!!! Now... let's "make a run" for this s@%!!!

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