Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"thE oLd SouL" on Soul Train.com: 7 Days Of Funk Review + Ricky Lawson + Black Milk & SuCh Q&As

Over the last month, lots of goodness from my brain for "The Railroad That Don Cornelius Build..."
Q&A: SuCh-Miss Independent 
My 1 on 1 with the multi-talented SuCh. An absolute pleasure to talk to, and personally inspirational for myself, SuCh’s and my conversation covered her upbringing as a preacher’s daughter, her “light bulb” moment, early Grammy/American Idol experiences, and navigating through uncharted territory in this new age of music business independence. My fellow indie artists, you may wanna sit down and read this one.

Q&A: Black Milk- The Art of Storytelling
My sit down with one of my favorite Producer/MCs, Detroit's own, Black Milk. During the west coast tour run for the album, Black talked with me about the creation of his latest LP No Poison, No Paradise, his new creative house under the banner Computer Ugly, and his work with Jack White and Don Cheadle.

Album Review: Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk- 7 Days Of Funk
My review of the long awaited, much anticipated calibration album from two of the West Coast's finest: Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk. Off to the mothership... and allow this album to be your passport to come aboard. “May the funk be with you… as we toast to the boogie.”

In Remembrance and Respect: Ricky Lawson
Last but not least, my thoughts and stories on the late, great Mr. Ricky Lawson. I had the honor and pleasure of knowing and rocking with Ricky. This is my utmost "Soul Claps And Salutes" to "The Drummer For The Stars."

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