Friday, November 7, 2014

Backstage Pass # 2- 2014 Taste Of Soul with 94.7 The Wave (10.18.14)

To hear over half a million people... yes, seriously, no exaggeration... A HALF OF MILLION PEOPLE start word for word "sing-a-longs" while your on stage performing is the greatest feeling any DJ or musician can experience. And it happened in masses 3 times this year at Taste of Soul 2014.

1) Greg Mack and I's 3 minute impromptu Funk music revue in this order: George Clinton's "Knee Deep," Zapp's "More Bounce To The Ounce," Brick's "Dazz," Lakeside's "Fantastic Voyage," Parliament's "Flashlight" and Prince's "Head."

2) When The E Family was about to take the stage and we had to pause their introduction for a second because the crowd was still singing part of the 2nd version AND chorus to Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" even though I had just stopped the record about a minute before.

3) Then 35 minutes later at the end of The E Family's set, Stevie Wonder pops on out of no where stage with Shelia E, and sung a piece of "Don't You Worry About A Thing" (A personal favorite of mine in Stevie's catalogue to boot. And yes, thanks to my sister Tyler, we have HD film of that, lol!)
That led to me a 10 minute impromptu mix of all Stevie records. My Lord, if their was going to be an earthquake on Crenshaw Blvd that night, it was close. That crowd energy was at critical mass and I cut the crossfader so much for the crowd to sing back, I honesty could have left the songs completely off and they would have carried the entire tune word for word.

Honestly, my written account doesn't do this justice. You had to be there to experience this. If you ever doubted that music is one of the most powerful pieces of energy in the world and brings us together, "one nation under groove," this is my testimony. I only dreamed of days like this. Feeling euphoria like this. Rocking stages like this. And God willing, hopefully many more to comes. This is why I love why do. I will never forget this day. Thank you Crenshaw Blvd. Love to my crew at 94.7 The Wave... we did that, lol!

- "thE oLd SouL"
Photography By Tyler Ann Nunley For Genevieve Munroe co.

See more photos from Taste Of Soul 2014 at Genevieve Munroe's website HERE!

94.7 The Wave's Pat Prescott & Greg Mack, Dana Dane of The Get Fresh Crew, and Yours Truly

 Headcrack of Dish Nation/The Rickey Smiley Show getting busy on the mic with a freestyle. Our second year straight at Taste Of Soul we've played a game of "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper."

Steve Wonder being escorted off stage by 94.7 The Wave's Frankie Ross after his impromptu duet of "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" with Shelia E.

Living "The Glamorous Life" with one and only, Shelia E.

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