Saturday, December 31, 2011

"2 LA" Trailer

Happy New Years Eve to you and yours! I was going to wait until tomorrow to drop this, but when I'm geeked about something and it's done, it's nearly impossible for me to wait a second longer to share it with you all, lol! Besides, what better way to close the book on a historic year for H.F.P. then to show you what it is next. And "2 LA" @ The Troubadour on January 15th is it!

Show Details:

This trailer is visually the first time we have something cinematic like this and is a little preview of what we have in store in the new year and beyond in terms actually "seeing our music along with hear it."

We hope you all enjoy this little ride through our city and see you all in the new year at 2 LA!!! Be safe, enjoy your evening, and thank you all again for an unforgettable 20-11. *Soul Claps & Salutes*

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