Monday, January 9, 2012

So... Who Else Is "2 LA?"

While this is a Honor Flow Productions show, make no mistake and let me be perfectly clear when I say that this Sunday is more about what this city is contributing to the status quo of music than one particular band. DJisLORD and myself have had many a conversation about how this "out for self" attitude has created toxic-like vibes in a culture that originally is all about building something F.R.E.S.H. and unique together. Think about it. Your rarely see groups in Hip-Hop anymore (and that's a whole another conversation for a whole 'nother rant, lol!).

Furthermore, as FANS (because artists forget how to be fans sometimes) of this music first, we are always eager to introduce artists to you that you might not be up on, and that we think you should be bumping too. And that is what we try to accomplish in putting together these complete, doors opening to doors closing, live experiences.

So with all that said, let's meet the line up for "2 LA." For each band/artist, I have supplied their website and three different Youtube videos of theirs that I think you should check out. The rest would be up to you search and discover... like a real music lover should do ;-)

Hugh Augustine The MC

Steve Liriks

The Beat Advocate

Famous Live at Key Club with The Beat Advocate & Lily Elise from Famous on Vimeo.

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