Saturday, January 21, 2012

2 LA: Honor Flow Productions Live @ The Troubadour (Film & Photography)

As history has shown, since Doug Weston opened up shop at 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard in 1957, there have been a number of career/genre defining moments at The Troubadour. It was the center of folk music in the 1960s (James Taylor and Carole King in particular). It has been the first United States stage touched for a list of then emerging United Kingdom artists and bands (Elton John, Coldplay, and Radiohead are three of them). In 1970s and 1980s, although popular belief usually solely credits Sunset Boulevard has the center of the Los Angeles music scene, all those bands of that era (Motley Crue and Guns N Roses for example) had to also complete The Troubadour "rite of passage."

While the trends of popular music have altered many times over the course of its 55 year existence, one crucial characteristic of The Troubadour has not changed at all; and that is its undisputed reputation as being one the leading tastemakers for not just the Los Angeles scene, but also internationally. Don't believe me? Just mention the venue's name to any self-respecting music lover, and take note of their reaction. There are musicians who work an entire lifetime hoping and praying to at least, get to play one song on Troub's signature hardwood floor. They gave us the "keys to castle" without restraint for an entire night. And that was a once in a lifetime opportunity I will forever be grateful for. And I once again thank The Troubadour for being such gracious host.

Since The Troubadour is known for ushering in new eras in music, I want to continue that tradition and make it the center vocal theme of this live experience. Words cannot completely do justice to how proud I am of this night. To DJ Em-One, The Beat Advocate Steve Liriks & The Spoken Herd, and Hugh Augustine The MC, you guys left everything on that stage and as a fan, I am extremely happy with your performances. Thank you for trusting us and being a part of the vision that is "2 LA". It was an honor and pleasure to share the stage with you all. To all my staff and crew, we could not have done it with you.

To my fellow band mates, what can I say? We're like fine wine, and we just keep getting better with time. Musically, this was the most challenging set we had constructed yet and I can say without regret we gave everything we had up there. I hope you all feel the same way when you watch this. Because we had a hell of time up on that hardwood stage. So on behave of myself and everyone in H.F.P., we send you the upmost Soul Claps & Salutes for all of your love and support, and are proud to present, in its entirety, our Troubadour "Rite of Passage."

- DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL"

EPKs Filmed & Directed by Ron De Leon for Mass Hysteria Werx

Photography By Angie Ortaliza for

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